Monday, November 2, 2009

The first post in not about music but rather about the Website where I get most of the future reviewed music from. I had seen adverts for in my travels around the Internet. The offer that got me signed up was the free MP3 that the show on their homepage. I have since signed up for their 30 MP3 per month service. All their prices are in US Dollars so the monthly subscription does vary if you live outside of the USA, but even so I have still found it to be good value for money.

This music service that offers one of the biggest most affordable collections on the net. All of the music on this site is DRM free, and has been from the beginning.

eMusic has their own download manager which you are prompted to download and install when first using the service. I first used this manager when my laptop was still running Windows XP, so it was with some degree of trepidation that I revisited the site after switching to Ubuntu, but to my surprise they have a download manager for all of the major OS choices out there. The  manger for Linux was doanloaded and installed and has been working close to flawlessly, even managing the music that was previously downloaded using Windows.

The site remembers what you have downloaded before and allows limited re-downloads of the same material. So if something goes wrong during download or if the music is lost afterwards then you can get it back WITHOUT paying for it again.

As the MP3 are DRM free their is no restriction on how many times they can be copied to and from devices, making it easy to use mutliple devices and to back up your collection to keep it safe.

I found one of my favorite tracks Darude -Sandstorm, this track I had in numerous remixed versions but had struggled to find it without buying a whole cd.

They have a wide range of music so try the free trial and maybe you will stay.

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